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When memory of bygone days
My spirit would detain
Down long and often trodden ways
I travel the past again.


Above your house are lit as then
The same bright stars of old,
That shone those summer evenings when
My passion's tale I told.


And through the branches' silver lace
The moon peers from above.
As when midst lovers' warm embrace
We whispered of our love.


Our hearts a solemn vow then took
To love forever and aye;
While tenderly the lilac shook
Its blossoms on our way.

Could ever such a love as ours
In night's oblivion wane,
While still among the thirsty flowers
The bubbling springs complain;


While still above the woods asleep
The moon her journey plies;
While still your lips their beauty keep
And coaxing are your eyes?


(Translated by Corneliu M. Popescu)

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