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So delicate, so pure you are
As Aprilís snow-white cherry bloom;
An angel comes to earth, a star
That does within my chamber loom.


The silken carpet at your tread
Whispers softly, and you seem,
From tiny foot to high poised head,
To float as lightly as a dream.


Amidst your mantle's hanging folds
Your limbs like burning marble glow.
Your magic all my spirit holds,
Your eyes that brim both joy and woe.


Your beauty like a dream beguiles,
Fair as a bride's in legends old;
Smile not, dear heart, because your smiles
Are beauty in your face retold.


How surely neath the cloak of night
Could you destroy me with your charms,
A burning word of love's delight,
A single clasp of your cold arms?

And now a veil of meditation
Creeps, and clouds your eyes' deep fire;
The shadow of renunciation,
The shade of sweet, unquenched desire.


You go, l understand too well
To try to keep you by my side;
For me forever lost, farewell,
O strange and lovely legend's bride!


To gaze on you itself was wrong.
How can l ever make amends,
Save by lamenting all life long
The happiness that this day ends?


As Mary's icon now you glow
With holy light that cannot wane
Wearing a halo on your brow.
O come to me, come back again!





(Translated by Corneliu M. Popescu)

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