August 18, 1879

"My so precious little lover,

Look, I am back. I am very fatalistic, indeed. There is no need to tell you again how much I should have liked to stay at the vineyard for at least seven days. Finally, after only twenty-four hours, I had to come back.

On my arrival, I found my marriage certificate. I had been searching for another copy. That one would not have helped me at all, actually, as it was not attested, while the present one is valid for all the circumstances stipulated by the alimony law. I have been thinking to come to Bucharest. On this purpose, I have already begun some preparations. You should go there several days before me and find a proper dwelling for me - not a very expensive one. It could be quite similar to my dear small room. I shall not be back sooner than September 2. In fact, do whatever you wish. As for myself, I shall be trying to get the missing papers.

Forever yours truly,

(Translated by Junona Tutunea)

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