Liman, August 12, 1885

"Dear Burla,

More than two weeks have passed since I came here. I daily use to broil myself in mud baths at 30 degrees hot. I could not say that this made no good on me. Those permanent pains I used to feel in Iasi are gone now, but all my wounds have not been healed yet and I am afraid that, even if they healed, it would not be for too long before they appear again on my arrival in the county. During this period I have been to Odessa only twice, for buying some medicines and tobacco. This former product is both expensive and bad, so the Oriental spirit inside me is somehow troubled about the issue.

It is also enough time left for you to ponder over nervus rerum, because, no matter if I am to get healthy again or not, I know I have no way to escape payment. I need at least 100 rubles. Of course, it would be even better if they were more. In case that you send me the money, I still can spare 60 francs for my return. Part of this amount is meant for me to pay one day or two for my staying in Odessa, the visa on my passport, my ticket back and the indispensable tips. Anyway, if you are not going to send it to me, then Russian authorities could take care of me in God knows what room of the honorable police.

Weather here is rather chilly and, although rain has kept on threatening us, only several drops were let from time to time.

Otherwise, the great enemy of my solitude is boredom. People here can speak only Russian or Polish. Just two of them know a bit of German or French. Thus, though I usually am not quite the talkative type, I am simply convicted to an absolute dumbness. Meanwhile, I have nothing to read, except for a Heine edition, somehow lost among the secondary doctor's books... By now, no Romanian has got interested in me or come to cheer up my living here. Wind and lake waves by their incessant swirl - these make the only accompaniment I have had along days and nights, elapsing uniformly and monotonously as the ticking of a hall clock.

So, please do not forget me here, lost among Russians.

Your faithful friend,
M. Eminescu

My address: M. Eminescu
Andrejevsky Liman - Odessa (Russie)
Dr. Iachimowicz's Establishment"

(Translated by Junona Tutunea)

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