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XXXWhy Eminescu? The producers have conceived CD-ROM Eminescu 2000 in order to assure a correct and complex perception of Mihai Eminescu's multiple-sided personality as the last great Romantic and one of the first European modern writers. While offering a remarkable and ample view over Eminescu's life and literary work, the structure of the project is both addressed to the specialists and those knowing him only a little by now. Mihai Eminescu essentially represents Romanian spirituality.

***Divided into distinct chapters, the present production offers to public a poet of genius, thus closer to us by his poetry, prose, journalistic articles, as well as by his journeys map and life. Selections of his creation published during his life and the posthumous one, pictures, musical and fine arts works are as many proofs for reconstituting Eminescu's biography and revealing the impact of his masterpieces. By reading, reciting, visual and imagination means, this CD-ROM offers you the opportunity to discover Eminescu related to his connections to modern times and universal space of mankind.


CD-ROM Eminescu:

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