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The Poet's Life and Work


He attends the courses of Berlin University without passing any examination.

(University Humboldt from Berlin, infiintata in anul 1810)


He corresponds with Titu Maiorescu (1840-1917, an aesthetician, literary critic and professor), the mentor of Junimea Society and Convorbiri literare (Literary Talks periodical). He suggests that Eminescu should take a Doctor's degree as to be then appointed university professor, but Eminescu does not submit his doctorate and on the 1st September he is appointed director of the Central Library in Iasi. At the same, time he teaches logics at Academic Institute in the same town.


In the first part of the year, Eminescu takes good care of the Central Library in Iasi and proposes its enrichment by bringing in old Romanian books and manuscripts. On the 1st of Jun, he is appointed a school inspector for Iasi and Vaslui districts. He meets Ion Creanga (1838-1889), whom he advises to write. The latter will become one of the most important Romanian writers.



Within the public lectures of Junimea, Eminescu addresses the conference, later designated "Austrian Influence on Romanians in the Principalities". Under the new government, he is no longer a school inspector. He accepts the job of a proof reader and editor for the informal section of the local paper Curierul de Iasi (Iasi Messenger).


He continues his journalistic activity with Curierul de Iasi (Iasi Messenger), writes theatre chronicles and attends the meetings of Junimea society. In the second half of October, he moves to Bucharest, where he works as an editor to Timpul (The Time) newspaper. Here, he publishes the series of articles Icons, Old and New.


He works at Timpul (The Time) newspaper. In March he publishes here, in series, the article Basarabia, a real press campaign against the Russian unjust expansionist policy. During the summer, while residing at a friend's estate, he translates from German a volume entitled Fragments From Romanians' History.

(The court yard of the building where the newspaper The Time used to run)

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