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The Poet's Life and Work


He joins as a prompter and copyist into a theatre group, with which he travels all over the country. He reads a lot of Schiller, whose poem "Resignation", he translates.


He becomes employed with another theatrical company, with which he undertakes a tour through Transylvania. Settled in Bucharest, he meets I. L. Caragiale (1852-1912), one of the most important Romanian writers.

(The make-up box of the time and the plate of the lid with monogram, used by the time of theatrical tour)


At the beginning of October he registers at the Faculty of Philosophy, Vienna University. He is matriculated as an ausserordentlich attendee. He also registers at the two existing societies of Romanian students, that will merge to form Romania Juna ("Young Romania").


(The University from Vienna)


He attends the University courses with certain regularity, but he shows more interest in the library. He publishes the first poem Venera si Madona (Venere and Madonna) in Convorbiri literare (Literary Talks) from Iasi.


In his capacity of outstanding member of the students Society Romania Juna (Young Romania) Eminescu participates in the Festivals organized at Putna (a locality in Bucovina, where Stephen the Great was buried, a Prince of Moldavia between 1457-1504 ).


At Vienna, he meets Veronica Micle (1850-1889) a poetess from the literary circle of Convorbiri literare (Literary Talks), whom he will have a passionate and troubled relationship with. In Iasi, he reads poems and prose in two successive sessions of Societatea Junimea (Youth Society). On receiving a monthly amount from this society, he leaves to Berlin, where he joins the University,so wishing to attend Philosophy, History, Economy and Law courses.


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