"Eminescu gave Romanian poetry the dimensions it had not had before him. The world where Eminescu takes us is tremendously vast related to space and time. There, the thinkerís eye reaches the most hidden recesses of the human soul and rises to the highest concepts of reason.

Through these features of his poetry, as brought to light by his most typical epithets, Eminescu is one of the brightest exponents of that age begun in 1848, among whose writers he acknowledged some of his masters mentioned in Epigonii (Epigones).

Eminescu joined them, even though he belonged to the next generation, not only by poeticizing the noble past, fairy tales, legends and folk traditions, but because he also had a soft spot for ancient traces surrounding him. While set free, his thought aimed to touch the very core of human soul, to fathom natureís mysteries and rise up to the most general views of intelligence, as far as that knowledge of everlasting laws of nature."


(Translated by Junona Tutunea)


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