"With wide-open arms, Eminescu came to meet non-existence. Bewildered and uncomforted like a soul to nowhere belonging (just as the Renaissance character viewed man as a being belonging to nowhere), the poet got his own place and lived within its limits or even its non-limits, as long as life permitted him to.

What gifts were we presented through Eminescu? In our world, a man appeared as willing to be a full-fledged one, not a runner-up.

Non-existence brings about oblivion. Eminescu brings about a state of restlessness. There is simply no relaxation about him. We cannot relax within his world. His whole span of apertures towards the world and culture shrinks for us down to a throbbing heart.

What other nation has ever been given such a gift? Of course, there are several great nations gifted with a better consciousness or better and more exemplary sayings. Anyway, how many of them have been endowed with true hearts?

At this moment, Eminescu is not to be critically judged by us, he is to be somehow assimilated as a cultural consciousness larger than ours – considering that his work ranges from folklore to positive sciences -, this way improving our consciousness or maybe that pang of conscience belonging to every intellectual who can grasp his infiniteness by synthesis itself."

A Miracle of Romanian Culture

"The issue at stake is not Eminescu’s literary work, his projects, his alternatives, the telluric treasures or a poetential philosophical systems– the issue at stake is everything linked to him; it is this extraordinary show performed by a cultural consciousness opened to any extent."


(Translated by Junona Tutunea)


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