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Poezii (Poems). Edition issued and commented by G. Calinescu. Bucharest, Editura "Nationala" Ciornei, 1938.

Opere I-IV (Works 1-4). Edited by professor Ion Cretu, Bucharest, Editura "Cultura Romaneasca", 1939.

Poezii tiparite in timpul vietii, I, II, III. (Poems Printed During His Lifetime) Introduction. Notes and variants. Annexes. Critical edition issued by Perpessicius. Bucharest, Fundatia pentru Literatura si Arta, "Regele Carol II", 1939, 1943, 1944.

Poezii postume IV-V (Posthumous Poems). Annexes. Introduction. Editions table. Critical edition issued by Perpessicius. Bucharest, Editura Academiei RPR, 1952, 1958.

Literatura populara VI (Folklore Literature). Introduction - Original poems folklore-inspired. Critical edition issued by Perpessicius, Editura Academiei RPR, 1963.

Poezii si variante (Poems and Variants). Reverential edition issued by D. R. Mazilu. Bucharest, 1940.

Poezii (Poems). Biography, introduction, notes and glossary. Edited by Alexandru Colorian, Bucharest, "Cugetarea" - Georgescu Delafras, 1940. Re-printed.

Poezii postume (Posthumous Poems). Edited by Alexandru Colorian and Al. Iacobescu. Bucharest, "Cugetarea" - Georgescu-Delafras", 1940.

Basarabia. Historical-political study added by Professor I. Cretu. Bucharest, 1941.

Opera politica, I-II. (Political Work) Edited by Professor Ion Cretu, Bucharest, Editura "Cugetarea" - Georgescu-Delafras -, 1941.

Poezii (Poems). Foreword by Mihai Beniuc. Bucharest, Editura de Stat, 1950. Re-printed.

Poezii (Poems). Foreword by Mihail Sadoveanu, Bucharest, Editura de Stat pentru literatura si Arta, 1951. Re-printed.

Poezii (Poems). Foreword by Tudor Arghezi. Introduction by Zoe Dumitrescu-Busulenga, 1960. Re-printed.

Opere alese, I-III (Selected Works). Edited and foreword by Perpessicius, Bucharest, Editura pentru literatura, 1964-1965.

Proza literara (Literary Prose). Edited by Eugen Simion and Florea Suteu. Introductive study by Eugen Simion. Bucharest, Editura pentru Literatura, 1964.


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